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  • 100% Propylene Glycol
  • Medical/USP Grade, Colourless, Odourless, Non Toxic
  • Can be used as an emulsifier, a texturizer, and to aid in food appearance
  • Available in 1 Litre Containers
  • Product of Canada, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Propylene Glycol is a colorless, odourless, and nontoxic syrupy-like compound. It is very mixable with water and other solvents, which makes it useful for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, it is widely used as a solvent and carrier. In the food industry, it can be used to provide even distribution in a mixture, to keep foods moist, and to help preserve food

Propylene Glycol – Medical/USP Grade – 1 Litre

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