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  • High Quality Magnesium Sulphate Flakes (100% Purity)
  • A naturally occurring mineral salt that acts as a versatile fertilizer supplement and soil enhancer. Can be used in gardens, lawns, trees and household plants.
  • Magnesium Sulphate can assist with plant growth in many ways. It strengthens plant cell walls to better receive nutrients; aids in the photosynthesis process by helping in creating chlorophyll; allows plants to soak up phosphorous and nitrogen; can potentially increase growth and production of plants; and supports plant longevity by making essential nutrients more effective.
  • Magnesium Sulphate is a safer option to use in gardens as it does not build up in soil over time, making it safer than other soil additives. It also helps to clear any build up of natural salt in soil which can clog up the roots of plants. This improves plant health and vibrancy in general.
  • Available in 1 KG resealable bags
  • Proudly made in Canada, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Magnesium Sulphate Natural Mineral Supplement for Plants, Gardens and more

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