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BORAX - 1 kg/2.2 lbs - Natural All Purpose Cleaner & Slime Ingredient


ALL PURPOSE CLEANER: Dissolve 2 teaspoons of Borax into 2 cups of hot water, then mix in 1 teaspoon of dish soap and 4 tablespoons of vinegar to clean kitchens, bathrooms, windows and more. You can also mix 1 cup of Borax with 1/4 cup of lemon juice to make a paste to clean stained sinks/countertops.


FRESHEN GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Put 3 tablespoons of Borax down the drain and let sit for 15 minutes, turn on hot water and run disposal for 1-2 minutes (be careful for any splash back)


ELIMINATE BUGS: Mix equal parts Borax and white sugar, sprinkle where you see ants and other bugs, who will consume the sugar and pass away (careful to keep kids & pets away, Borax should not be ingested)


WEED KILLER: Mix 1 cup of Borax with 2 gallons of water, put into a spray bottle and spray onto weeds (avoid any plants you want to keep!)


LAUNDRY CLEANER: Add 4-5 tablespoons of Borax to your laundry loads to get cleaner clothes and remove tough stains. For more serious stains, pre-treat the stain by soaking in a solution of warm water and 7-8 tablespoons of borax for 30 minutes, then wash as normal and repeat if necessary.


CRAFTS: Borax is a key ingredient in slime. You can also use Borax to preserve flowers by removing moisture You can also make a solution of equal parts salt, Borax and water and soak your homemade candle wicks in the solution to reduce ash and smoke when burning,



Borax - 1 kg/2.2 lbs

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