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All natural cleaner for CPAP Machines. This cleaner is all natural/eco friendly and kills germs, bacteria, and fungus. Regular cleaning of your CPAP machine ensures cleaner air quality.


Available in 450 gram jars.


Instructions: Remove water tank, fill with hot water to maximum level indicated on your machine, add two tablespoons of cleaner and mix until dissolved. ensure the lid is closed, and gently shake your water tank over the sink for 2 minutes to agitate the cleaning solution. after gently shaking, let sit for 1 hour. Afterwards, rinse out your water tank with warm water and let air dry.


Please ensure read all proper precautions and warnings listed on product label.


Proudly packaged and distributed in Canada.

All Natural CPAP Machine Cleaner - 450 grams

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  • Please read details about proper precautions and warnings that are listed on product label.

    Actual product appearance may vary slightly from listed photo.

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