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Rinsing your fruit and vegetables in water removes up to 75% of bacteria from your produce, but using a citric acid soak can remove more of the lingering bacteria. 

When you soak your produce in our food safe citric acid wash, it changes the pH of the soaking water to make it more acidic, whcih helps break down cells to remove deeper bacteria and pesticides.


Instructions for usage:
Fill a bowl or your sink with cold water, and mix in 1 tablespoon of the fruit & vegetable wash per 1 gallon of water. Let produce soak in water for for 5-15 minutes (less time for tender skinned fruit like berries). Rinse all produce with water thoroughly before eating. 


Please ensure read all proper precautions and warnings listed on product label.


Product of Canada

All Natural Citric Acid Fruit & Vegetable Wash - 440 grams / 0.97 lbs

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  • Please read details about proper precautions and warnings that are listed on product label.

    Actual product appearance may vary slightly from listed photo.

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