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All Natural/Eco Friendly Alkalinity Increaser for Hot Tubs and Pools.


Comes in 680 gram resealable bags.


Minimal Impact on pH


POOL: 1 bag (680 grams/1.5 lbs) will raise alkalinity by 10ppm per 10,000 gallons


HOT TUB: 1 tablespoon will raise alkalinity by 10ppm per 100 gallons


Product of Canada.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USAGE: Note that this cleaner is meant to be used before you drain your hot tub. For every 1000 litres, add 1kg of hot tub cleaner to existing water in hot tub. Run your hot tub for 24 hours as you normally would at regular temperature. then drain tub completely, no rinsing is required. Refill hot tub as normal.

Proudly packaged and distributed in Canada.

Alkalinity Increaser for Hot Tubs & Pools - 680 grams / 1.5 lbs

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  • Please read details about proper precautions and warnings that are listed on product label.

    Actual product appearance may vary slightly from listed photo.

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